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The Trust has a Board of Trustees who meet twice yearly, (usually May & November), to consider applications and to make decisions on grants.

The Trustees are:

Mr Mathew C Prichard CBE
Miss Rebecca A Evans
Mrs Lucinda M Prichard
Mr Martin P Tinney
Sian Ll Williams

Previous grants:

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The Trust directs more than 80% of its funding towards arts activity in Wales.

  • The majority of grants will be in the range of £5,000 to £20,000.
  • Larger grants are generally only awarded to organisations where a funding relationship with the Trust has been developed over several years.
  • Larger grants are more likely to be offered to fund activities that deliver strategic initiatives, and that would be unlikely to occur without the assistance of the Trust.
  • Larger grants are generally limited to organisations delivering high quality artistic activity in Wales.
  • An organisation wishing to discuss making an application for a larger grant (£20,000 plus) should contact the Trust prior to making an application.


  • Please use the Grant Application Form when making an application to the Trust.  Please limit your application to 4 pages, using point size no smaller than 10.
  • Generally, you should allow a minimum of 4 – 6 months between meeting an application deadline, and the onset of any activity for which funding is requested.
  • The completed grant application, budget and any enclosures should be sent to:

    Mrs. A McMurray
    Colwinston Charitable Trust
    14 Hanover Court
    Midhope Road
    Surrey GU22 7UX
  • Please use ordinary postage only and NOT Recorded Delivery.
  • At the time as posting the hard copy, email the 4-page application to the Trust, in addition, advising that the hard copy is in the post.
  • It is expected that all applications will be acknowledged by email within the week of receipt of the hard copy.
  • You should include a copy of the most recent audited or independently assessed accounts, unless these are available on-line via the Charity Commission website. 
  • Only one other item of supporting information should be included with the hard copy of the application.
  • Please do not include CD’s or DVD’s or include any images within the body of the application form. Should further information be required, it will be requested.
  • Financial information related to the project should ideally be limited to 1 X A4 page and include a full project budget showing anticipated Income and Expenditure.
  • If the expenditure includes items already covered by other funding sources, ensure that this is clearly marked.
  • Grant applications should be received no later than 30th September, for consideration at the November meeting, or 31st March for consideration at the May meeting of trustees.
  • A letter written on the headed notepaper of the organisation making the application should accompany the application.  Please do not staple or bind applications, or put them in presentation sleeves, or in stiffened envelopes.
  • Please keep the applications concise, (no more than 4 pages using one side of the paper) avoid repetition, and use bullet points rather than long sentences.
  • Applications will be expected to include clearly defined objectives and specific targets for the project, and explain what the organisation aims to achieve from any funding offered.
  • Organisations seeking further advice on making an application to the Trust should contact the Trust by email.  
  • The Trust office operates on a part- time basis, and in consequence there may be some slight delay in receiving a response when making an enquiry, so allow plenty of time.
  • Applications will only be considered if all the documents are presented in English.
  • The Trust may need to contact applicants to discuss the application or to request additional information before presenting the application to the trustees.
  • Grants are subject to agreement to the Trust’s standard Terms and Conditions.


How to apply Instructions  
Application Form (.docx)
Guidelines (.pdf)

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